Aarati Power Company Ltd. is the hydropower company. Its objective is to utilize nation's vast resources of water for hydropower.

Following are the Project Details:

Project Name : Upper Irkhuwa Hydro Project
Location :Sadananda-1, Salpasilicho Ga.Pa 1 & 2 Bhojpur
License Apply : 2072 Magh 7
Capacity : 9.8 Mw to MOEN, DOED,
Upgrade License Apply: 2072 Falgun
Capacity: 14.5Mw
License Issued By MOEN: 2073 Ashwin
License No: DoED. 073/074 E.P.C 740

Project Progress

Discharge Measurement : 2072 poush to till Now
First site visit with Consultant: 2072 Falgun
Agreement with Consultant : 8th may 2016
Draft feasibility study Report : 2073 Magh
Site visit with Consultant For Final Project layout : 2072 Falgun
Feasibility study Report Final : 2074 Jestha
LOI Received From Kumari Bank : 2074 Jestha 16

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News and Events

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  • Board Members

    Mr. Prakash Dulal
    Mr. Prakash Dulal is the Executive Director of Aarati Power Company Limited, Upper Irkhuwa Hydropower Project 14.5 Mw.

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